Azov Sea Port

Address: 2 Petrovskaya Street, Azov, Rostov Region, Russia

Tel. No:+7 86342 3 33 99
Fax No:+7 86342 3 10 20
Year of foundation:1929
General Director:Pinkin Petr Vlasovich
Type of business:Handling of cargoes in any packages; bunkering; warehousing; lashing; towing etc.
No. of employees:450
Annual t/o:30,000 million Roubles
Main Export Markets: The regions of the Azov sea, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Sea Port of Azov is situated 15 km away from the river Don’s mouth, on its left bank and has a total area of 65.000 sq. m. - approximately 640 m wharf length and max. depth of 4.5 m. 
The depth of the Azov - Don channel is 3.6 m. The Port has 16 mobile cranes, with cargo capacity varying from 5 to 27.5 tons. It has an open storage area of 20.000 sq. m. and 1.000 sq. m. covered space. Through the internal waterway of the European part of Russia, Sea Port of Azov links to the Caspian, Baltic and Aegean seas and through the Azov Sea and the Black Sea it is connected with the Mediterranean Sea. The port has railway and road transport approach.  The port offers full stevedoring, shipping, forwarding, warehousing, and different intermodal operations and provides full services to the fleet. The port is open for ships under any nationality flag .It has customs, port security, as well as veterinary and sanitary control. The main types of export-import cargoes are: 
      • timber
      • metals, scrap metal included
      • grain
      • chemical fertilisers, coal, mineral and building materials cargoes
      • food
      • containers ( 20 ft.)

The Port of Azov provides stevedoring, full shipping, forwarding and warehousing to the metal producing plants of Magnitogorsk, Orsko-Hapilovsk, Nizhny-Tagilsk and Lipetsk. Sea Port of Azov handles loading and discharging of vessels of the "river-sea" type with cargo capacity of 5.000 tons and vessels for internal river navigation made by the Volga-Don Shipping Company and other river shipping companies of the European part of the Russian Federation. The Port offers all-year-round navigation (during winter period with the help of icebreakers).  The Sea Port of Azov’s operators are "Azovinflot" and "Azov-Trance-Service" agencies.