Romania Galati Port

ANCHORAGE The port of Galatz has 3 roads situated as follows: Zone 1: km 155-156, loaded maritime vessels
Zone 2: km 158-159, unloaded maritime vessels
Zone 3: mm 76-78.5, maritime vessels ARRIVAL
Km 144 upstream from Sulina. BALLAST
Pumping out of ballast and dirty water is not allowed. CARGO HANDLING FACILITIES
At berths no. 26-28 there are 6 cranes of 5 t; at berth no. 30 there are 3 cranes of 5 t; at berth nos.23-25 (direct to the Danube), there are 6 cranes of 8 t and 2 cranes of 10 t. At berth nos 39-44 loading/discharging by ships gear. At berth nos. 45-53 there are 13 cranes or 10 t, one crane of 5 t and one conveyor belt for river vessels. ORE HARBOUR. Alongside there are 43 cranes of 15 t. The Maritime quays are provided with conveyor belts. The port also has floating cranes of 16 t. DOCUMENTS
Name of list or certificate Number of copies

  • Crew : 6
    Passengers : 4
    Stowaways : 1
    Tobacco/spirits/personal effects: 1
    Stores : 1
    Arms and ammunition : 1
    Health documents or certificates: 1
    Certificate of Deratting : 1
    Load Line Certificate : 1
    Tonnage Certificate : 1
    Certificate of Nationality : 1
    Safety Equipment Certificate : 1
    Cargo Gear Certificate : 1
    Bill of Ladings : 3
    Manifests (freighted) : 3
    Manifests (unfreighted) : 3
    Construction Certificate : 1
  • Safety Radio Certificate : 1

After the vessel has completed shifting to berth at the wharf, she is boarded by the Sanitary Commission (for the sanitary inspection of crew as well as for veterinary and phitosanitary inspection). After the vessel has effected the sanitary inspection, she is boarded by the Control Commission. The Master fills in a form of declaration in 4 copies which together with the cargo plan, manifest of goods, sanitary certificates, etc., is handed to the representative of the Agency. Within max. 12 hours after performing arrival formalities, the Master or Chief Mate fills in the questionnaire Declaration in the Harbour Master's Office and the following documents will be tendered until sailing of the vessel: Radiotelegraph equipment certificate
Safety construction certificate
Ship's register Note: Crew lists and passenger list must be issued in several copies (about 10 pcs). If the vessel is staying more than 12 hours in the port, provision lists, crew personal goods lists and bonded goods lists should be issued. ENTRANCE
The river which is entered at Sulina has a width of 450-900 m with depths of 13-25 m (42'-82'). ETA 
Agents and port authorities should be kept well informed about the vessels estimated time of arrival. FIRE FIGHTING TUGS
There are two fire-fighting tugs available. GARBAGE REMOVAL
Garbage is collected by small residual tanker every two (2) days in the
summer and every three (3) days in the winter by a public enterprise. HARBOUR
The port has four sectors: THE OLD HARBOUR, between km 151 and 250 downstream with a quay length of 1,160 m (365 m for passenger vessels, 350 m for ballast products, 445 m waiting quay for maritime vessels). THE DOCKS BASIN, situated downstream of the Old Harbour. The quay has a total length of 1,440 m (540 m direct to the Danube and 900 m in the basin). THE NEW BASIN, or Wood Basin, situated downstream of the Docks Basin to km 146. Length of the quay is 2,365 m. ORE HARBOUR, situated between km 155-500, km 157 upstream of the Siret Mouth. Quay length is 800 m (400 m for maritime vessels - depth up to 9.0 m - and 400 m for river vessels). HEALTH AND MEDICAL Sanitary Inspection: Immediately upon berthing, the Sanitary Commission checks the ports of call during the voyage, the nature of the cargo, the number of crew and passengers, the port of destination, the state of health of the crew, particularly regarding any disease, vaccinatons etc. Medical assistance available at the city hospital. PILOTAGE
Pilotage is compulsory and is only available during daylight hours. RADIO
Galatz Port control channel 16, Pilot station channel 14, Harbour Master channel 68. Notes: Slipway operated by Hydraulic winches allows launching of the vessels with a maximum of 3500 t and lifting for repairs of the vessels with maximum weight of 2800 t. The dimensions of the vessels which can be lifted are limited to 14 m length and 28 m beam. Maximum depth for lifting is about 7 m, according to the level of the Danube River.
2200 m long double cutfitting quay with cranes of 16 and 50 tons.
Size of vessl for repairing works:
                          with docking about 4500 TDW
                          without docking 15000 TDW, according to the level of the river.
1 drydock divided in two (2) sections each 230 x 35 m, one drysection for building/repairs and one wetsection for launching; the drydock is served by a gantry crane of 320 t maximum capacity Panamax tonnage vessels 60,000 dwt; Two (2) building berths 180 x 25 m/One (1) slipway side launching for tonnage up to 26,000 dwt. One (1) building berth 210 x 21 m/One (1) slipway side launching for tonnage up to 10,000 dwt. The building area is covered by cranes enabling the lifting 80-100 t on building berths and 320 t on drydock; separate facilities for shiprepairs of any kind, hull, deck machinery repairs for ships up to 18.000 dwt. RESTRICTIONS: Restriction on oil. SUPPLIES
Fresh water available direct from quay installations at a rate of 10t/24 h for vessels up to 4,000 dwt. Bunker available by barge only. Fresh provisions are plentiful. WATCHMAN
Watchmen are compulsory in specific cases. It is recommended to hire deck watchmen when special general goods are operated. Employing and payment can be arranged by the agent