Nikolaev Sea Trade Port

The port renders services: 
Loading, unloading of courts and cleanup of ship storage facilities after unloading 
Transport-forwarding and warehouse operations with cargoes 
Trans-shipment cargoes from one type of transport to another 
Registration of the complete complex of shipping documents on reception and shipment 
Granting of free moorings or places in outer harbor with pre-repair preparation, logistical and food support, fine repair and holding 
Registration of an arrival-withdrawal of a vessel 
Granting of a place in outer harbor for providing of fumigation or decontamination 
Services of Interclub
In port are processed: 
- Metals of all assortments and structures, both black, and color 
(slabs, rolls, bays, packs etc.) 
- Pig-iron (in pig-iron) 
- Pipes of big and small diameter 
- Various ores, coal 
- Rolled briquettes 
- Ferroalloys, phosphorites, cement clinker 
- Clay 
- Fertilizers potash in bulk 
- The equipment (including oversized and heavy equipment) 
- Grain 
- Food cargoes of all names (including citrus fruit, canned food and frozen products) 
- Cargoes in packages, bales or bags 
- Saw-timber and lumber