Port Of Poti Sea

Project description
Poti Sea Port Corporation (the “Company” or “PSP”) is a Georgian company that owns and operates the largest universal sea port in the Republic of Georgia. The port includes multi-functional terminals and facilities for transportation, storage and handling liquid and dry cargoes. Core services of PSP are cargo handling and regular port services including repair and ancillary services. The project involves construction of: (i) Poti Port Terminal (“PPT”), a dedicated in-land container terminal with customs office for handling and storage of containers with imported cars and other cargos and; (ii) purchase of new cranes and pilot boat for the port operations (collectively the “Project”). Location of project and description of site
The port is located on the eastern Black Sea coast in the city of Poti in Georgia. There are 15 berths handling liquid bulk, dry bulk, general cargo, RO-RO and rail ferry. The port is a vital link in the Europe-Caucasus-Asia transport corridor (TRACECA) that provides an east-west transport route from Europe, across the Black Sea, through the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea to Central Asia. It is a main gateway for international trade flows in the Caucasus region including Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The port has railway and road connections. The port needs investments to upgrade the underinvested infrastructure, eliminate capacity constrains and improve services  The proposed Project will address those needs by purchasing new equipment and construction of the PPT that will be dedicated for handling of cars and other goods imported in containers. The PPT will include: (i) container yard for storage of containers; (ii) stripping area specialized for emptying cars from containers; (iii) car parking space; (iv) maintenance area including warehouses for storage and inspection; and (v) customs and office center. There will be a dedicated road link between the port and the PPT.Contact:Mr. David Chochua
General HSSE Manager (Director) Poti Sea Port 
52, David Agmashenebeli st.
Poti 4401, Georgia Tel.: + 995 393 7 0120
Fax: +995 393 2 0688
email: dchochua@potiseaport.com