Port Of Varna

Port Varna EAD is a state-owned company and the structure of the port includes two component port units:


Varna is the largest and comprehensive Bulgarian port handling over 8 million tons of cargoes per year.  With modern equipment, excellent transport links, rail ferry service and a crossroad location, the port is a convenient bridge for the cargo flows between Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Caucasus, Middle Asia, the Middle East and the Far East. For 6 consecutive years, the port has reached 10% annual turnover growth, following a policy of constant investments in modernisation and technological development and improvement of labor conditions.  The Port of Varna implements quality standards ISO 9001:2000 and it is one of the first Black Sea ports that it is certified as per the requirements of International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS Code). Varna is a multi-purpose port with modern facilities and specialised quays working round the clock.  It handles all types of cargo, including liquid.  However, the typical features of the port is the handling of grain, containers, chemicals and general cargoes.  By the total volume of these sorts of cargo, Port of Varna is the indisputable leader in Bulgaria. Berths: 32 Total quay length: 5,601 m Open-air storage area: 240,800 m2 Warehouses: 77,500 m2
The qualified and experienced staff and adequate technical equipment ensure that Port of Varna provides a wide range of quality services to its customers at reasonable price.  The Port operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.The main services provided by the company are: stevedoring services, cargo storage and port forwarding service. Port of Varna EAD offers also a package of additional services, such as cargo shifting (re-stowing), weighing, sorting, lashing/unlashing, palletizing, trimming, washing, painting, opening/closing of hatch covers, fumigation of rail cars and applying of defrosting material. Weighing of trucks with bulk cargo is carried out by means of precise electronic weigh-bridges (up to 80 tons) located at the port gates. Customers can get also other supplementary services within the port area: fresh water, installation of telephone post onboard, power supply, collecting and treatment of waste, hiring of port equipment (mobile cranes, trucks, bucket loaders, etc.), full scope of services to sports and pleasure boats visiting Port of Varna Marina Club. Further information about all types of services offered at Port of Varna can be found in the printed material issued by the company's Head Office, 
or at Marketing Department: Head of Marketing Department, tel. +359 52 69 2550, vgeorgieva@port-varna.bg Specialists: tel. +359 52 /69 2293, 69 2521, 69 2582, 69 2182;
nikolaysh@port-varna.bgdarinaz@port-varna.bgantoanelas@port-varna.bg, gergyovska@port-varna.bg Services provided by other companies operating in the area of Port of Varna:

Pilot Station – P Ltd., Varna Tel.: +359 52 602445, Fax: +359 52 602445
Towage, Mooring Services Port Fleet 99 Ltd. Tel.: +359 52 692286, Fax: +359 52 649 587 Navibulgar EAD Tel.: +359 52 633200, Fax: +359 52 600325; +359 52 602885
Varna Towage Company Ltd. Tel.: +359 52 692134, Fax: +359 52 692136 Information about agents and freight forwarders Bulgarian Association of Ship Brokers and Agents (BASBA) Tel.: +359 52 603674, Fax: +359 52 603675

Information about freight forwarders National Union of Bulgarian Freight Forwarders Tel.: +359 2 46 1214 Customs Services Regional Directorate of Customs Administration Tel.: +359 52 632601; +359 52 632602 Port of Varna has 9 specialised terminals for its main line of business – 3 in Varna East and 6 in Varna West respectively. Each terminal is provided with adequate equipment and storage space for the handled goods.  Typical for Port of Varna is that with the exception of those berths which are dedicated for particular type of liquid or bulk cargo or containers, all other berths are multi-purpose and are used for handling of general goods and other cargo types (for example kaolin, silica sand, chamot, sugar, etc.)