Taganrog Port

The port of Taganrog is located on the cost of Sea of Azov (80 kilometers by road from Rostov-on-Done). Local authorities are negotiating a loan with a banking consortium to expand and improve the port's capacity and infrastructure. The city has applied for an ECU 2.2 million grant from the EU's TACIS Program for a feasibility study on how to best integrate river, rail, and road connections to southern and northern Russia.Taganrog has currently the capacity to handle one million tones of cargo annually, but there are plans to build a new dock complex with an annual cargo turnover of three million tones. Local authorities will have to figure out how to attract foreign investment and credit for the project. Taganrog's port throughput was up 50% at 946,500 tones in Jan.-Oct. 1997, as compared with the same period in 1996. The main types of export cargo handled by the port include lumber, iron, steel, and coal. Import goods included citrus fruit, flour, alcohol and tobacco products, and building materials. Container transshipments are also becoming more widespread.
North latitude 47°12', east longitude 38°57' (admiralty chart No.2234, admiralty sailing directions No.24) The port is operating 24 hours 7 days a week. Official office hours - 08:00-17:00, Saturday and Sunday - days off.
cargo handling
the port comprises 5 cargo piers:     * no.1 - 156 m
    * no.2 - 156 m
    * no.3 - 185 m
    * no.4 - 196 m
    * no.5 - 156 m Navigation:
The port is opened for the navigation all the year round but during the period of ice conditions (30-90 days, usually since the middle of december to beginning of march) - for ice-classed vessels with compulsory ice-breaker assistance.
The port can accept vessels with maximun draft up to 4,20 m. changing of water level at taganrog gulf is about 1,20 m depending on wind direction.
The port has no airdraft and breadth restrictions.
Arrival and departure of vessels conducts on a round-the-clock basis. Pilotage and tugs assistance are compulsory according to "code of customs".